Security Services
for Businesses

Alarm Receiving Centre
and Emergency Response 24/7

We run an Alarm Receiving Centre and provide emergency response services around the clock. Alarms are quickly relayed from the Alarm Centre to our on-duty guards.

Our emergency response personnel are dispatched due to e.g. burglar, assault, fire, and property alarms. An incident report will always be sent to the client after an alarm response. The report must detail the reason for the response and the measures that have been or should be taken.

When we’re needed, it is important for us to reach our destination as quickly as possible and to solve and manage all problems and situations smoothly.

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Ronderande väktare

Security guard patrol

A patrolling security guard’s main task is to prevent threats towards the surveillance target and its personnel or inhabitants. This form of security benefits different types of businesses and industries as well as shops, schools, healthcare facilities and even private households.

Patrols are individually tailored for all clients and may consist of e.g. closing, control, or fire patrols.

This security service has shown to be an efficient protection against burglaries, fires, and property damage, among others.

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Personnel Support

We provide personnel support, such as lifting aid, by separate agreement.

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Security Officer Services

We provide security officer services to various types of events, restaurants, and bars.

Our professional and service-minded personnel see to that all security arrangements proceed smoothly and maintain the highest quality.

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Personal protection

We believe that personal integrity should be a given. When a person’s fundamental safety and security are threatened, we offer you our expertise on how to handle the situation.

We carry out a risk assessment to identify possible threats. Based on this assessment, we take suitable measures to minimize and remove risks. These measures may include an assault alarm or personal protection, among others.

All solutions are drawn up individually, and our working methods are discrete and preventive.

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Stationär bevakning

Stationary security service

In our stationary security service, a guard is constantly on-site for an agreed period. The purpose of this type of service is to prevent various problematic incidents and ensure the safety of the staff and clients on-site through the guard’s presence.

Depending on the situation and the client’s wishes, the security guard performs his or her duties either in uniform or civilian clothes.

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City guards

City guards carry out security services in downtown areas and business premises during their opening hours. Guards who rotate between places efficiently prevent and avert insecurity and disturbances in business operations.

Clients who use this security service share the costs, which is why this service is a highly cost-efficient solution.

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Transport of Valuables

We transport cash, securities, or other valuables in a safe and secure manner. Our qualified personnel manage the handling of valuables in various types of events and functions in order to guarantee the safety and flexibility of transport.

We offer our clients individually tailored solutions also in this regard.

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