Fire safety

Are you sure that your fire extinguishers are inspected and function as they should? We can help you with statutory inspections and necessary maintenance to keep your fire extinguishers in good shape. This ensures that the extinguishers function when disaster strikes.

Maintenance of extingushers
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Inspection of fire extinguishers

In order to ensure that extinguishing systems are operational, extinguishers must be serviced and inspected in an appropriate manner. This is the property owner’s responsibility.

Fire extinguishers must be inspected:

- Once a year if the extinguisher is stored in a place where it is exposed to factors affecting its operational condition. These factors may include humidity, vibration, temperature changes, or freezing weather, among others.

- Every two years if the extinguisher is stored indoors in a dry space without temperature changes.

The date of the first inspection is determined by the extinguisher’s date of manufacture. 

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Maintenance of extingushers

Maintenance of fire extinguishers is carried out if the extinguisher is older than ten years. In addition to the extinguisher’s inspection, the maintenance service also covers its dismantling, recharging, and testing.

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We also provide basic fire safety training with practical exercises for groups, private businesses, and municipalities. Our instructors have completed specific training within this area.

The purpose of the training is to give participants increased knowledge in this subject so that they can better prevent and manage existing risks that can lead to fires or other accidents.

Our motto is that the right equipment and right training create a safer workplace.

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Fire alarm equipment

We also service automatic fire alarm equipment and carry out their monthly tests. In addition, our guards may be dispatched on-site when these alarms sound, if the client so wishes. In such situations, the guard may help with the evacuation, first-aid extinguishing, or the inspection of various facilities.

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Fire-watch services

We can provide fire-watch services after a fire or at a workplace that is exposed to fire risk. Our fire-watchers have completed specific training regarding hot work and the risks that occur in these kinds of workplaces.

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