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We at MTP Suupohja Oy MTP Syd Ab would like to help you enhance your security. We offer consultation and guidance concerning security issues and arrangements. Our experienced personnel find comprehensive solutions that contribute to a safer and more secure environment.

- What are risk analysis and risk assessment?
- How to carry out security-focused planning?
- How to best construct a security system?

These questions are often asked by businesses and private persons. Contact us and we’ll answer all your questions!

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Security Training

The goal of our security training is to provide the basics for conflict management and the prevention of problematic incidents. Our concept usually contains some practical and basic self-defense exercises. We want to develop our clients’ security awareness in this way and create a safe working environment. Training is always tailored according to the client’s needs and wishes.

Security training may contain the following:

- Risk analysis at the workplace
- Conflict management
- Preventive measures
- Behaviour in threatening situations
- Construction of a safe working environment
- Fieldwork in a safe way
- Self-defense and rights
- Rescue Act – What do I need to know?
- Practical and basic self-defense exercises

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